Week of September 21st, 2020

Dear Everyone, “Last Friday, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died 🙁 It was really sad. In school we read a book called, “I Dissent”. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a good judge who fought for equal rights. She also the first Jewish woman Read more

Week of September 14th, 2020

Dear Everyone, Happy First Newsletter! Each week we (the students) write a newsletter about our week. Thank you in advance for reading! “We opened up the library on the 1st day of school. We opened the library so we can Read more

Our Newsletters since March 16

I built a new swing- Talon My sister got a tractor and four wheeler. One is green and one is pink. She loves them. – Beckett This week I wrote a lot of letters.  We baked bread too. I finished Read more

Week of January 20th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “We took a field trip to the Southern Vermont Arts Center.”-Emma “We built a snow fort”-Henri “This week we have been making a snow fort. We started on Tuesday, and we we started digging into the snow bank. Read more

Week of January 6th, 2020

“Dear Everyone, Happy 2020! We are so excited to be back at school and enjoying all the wonderful snow-filled adventures that January brings. “I thought the math team game was challenging and fun.”-Henri “I had fun pulling Gabriel on the Read more

Week of December 2nd, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “Scout and Josh are teaching us about about soil erosion because world soil day is December 5th. On Friday December 6th, Scout Proft is going to do an experiment about erosion.”-Eleanor (Thank you so much Scout and Josh!) Read more

Week of November 18th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “On Monday morning we made gratitude mobiles. We learned that if you say or write down something that you’re grateful for regularly it releases into your brain a chemical called dopamine, the chemical that helps make you happy. Read more

Week of November 11th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “On Friday we played the hibernation game. Alley separated us into four groups (of hibernators) bats, bears, spring peepers and woodchucks. First, we had to find a den. After we found a den we covered up all the Read more

Week of October 21st, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “We fed Lumi at jobs at school.”-Beckett “Lumi is our class pet. We play with her at work time and she is not a toy. She lives at school.”-Emma “Yesterday I made baby pug’s playhouse. It’s made out Read more

Week of October 15th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “Nic and Matilda went to NYC for some days. We went to the park and we made a new friend.”-Matilda “On Monday we had pancakes that Deb made us. They were sooooooo good. They were soooooo big. They Read more