Week of October 21st, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “We fed Lumi at jobs at school.”-Beckett “Lumi is our class pet. We play with her at work time and she is not a toy. She lives at school.”-Emma “Yesterday I made baby pug’s playhouse. It’s made out Read more

Week of October 15th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “Nic and Matilda went to NYC for some days. We went to the park and we made a new friend.”-Matilda “On Monday we had pancakes that Deb made us. They were sooooooo good. They were soooooo big. They Read more

Week of October 7th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “On Friday we had Grandparents Day. Two former Red Fox students named Cian and Kelley came with JJ. First, some people, my grandfather and I, made pumpkin and owl drawings with oil pastels on black paper in the Read more

Week of September 30th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “Last Friday we went to Rail Rail. We looked for birds, saw a newt and a toad. We climbed a rock wall and ate snack.”-Caleb “Matilda and Emma caught a big frog and people started singing. Tomorrow we Read more