Week of April 22nd, 2019

“Dear Everyone, Welcome back from Spring Break! We have had a busy week filled with owl town and trout adventures. Tomorrow, we are going to Merck Forest to test the water temperature of rivers to make sure our trout tank Read more

Week of April 8th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, We just finished our Spring Poetry and Music Recital at school. We all worked hard on memorizing our poems and on our performances. We also had our Open Mic and Coffee House since a snow storm forced us Read more

Week of April 1st, 2019

“Dear Everyone, On Friday the owls went to Helmholz Fine Art Gallery in Manchester. Lisa Helmholz talked to us about the importance of art and community. She let us explore all the art in the gallery. She talked about how Read more

Week of March 25th, 2019

“Dear Everyone “The class got new seats.”-Ryder “Sarah let the trout in the tank today at school because they were ready to be in the tank. She put the box in the water. They are all out and swimming.”-Charlie “On Read more

Week of March 18th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “The weather is changing in Vermont. The earth is getting closer to the sun. Days are getting warmer. Equinoxes mark the distance around the sun. It takes a year or 365 days for the earth to move around Read more

Week of March 11th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, “Math card game. On Monday we played a game called Flip. We all had whiteboards and Sarah had a deck of cards. Sarah would call a math operation (addition, subtraction or multiplication) and flip over a 2-3 cards. Read more

Week of March 4th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, The owls are eagles have been very busy working on their projects. Owls on owl town and eagles on their civil war projects! We had our winter fun day where we got to race our sleds made out Read more

Week of February 25th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, We loved coming back to school after a break and sharing stories of our adventures! “Matilda was gone and now she’s back. I don’t know why she was gone.”-Hazel “Me, Zooey, Hazel and Rebecca found a cat in Read more

Week of February 11th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, We have all been working hard on our 100 day projects! This week we did our museum! “Abby has a ball to help her core muscles.”-Mischa “This week in math we played jeopardy, math jeopardy. How you play: Read more

Week of February 4th, 2019

“Dear Everyone, On Friday the owls went to the Manchester Post Office. Abby’s grandmother, Margot, toured us around. We got to see how the mail is sorted and explore the mail truck. We learned how hard the postal workers work. Read more