Week of September 11th, 2017

Dear Everyone,

We just finished a trip to Smokey House in Danby.  Thank you so much Jesse and Laura for letting us come and work on the farm.  We harvested potatoes, beets and cabbages. We all worked really hard together. We got to weigh the cabbages.  We hiked up to the top of the farm and sketched the farm.  We were curious about how potatoes grow from potatoes, where the food at Smokey House goes and why those cabbages were so big.  It was a day spent together on one of the most beautiful places around.

Last week we saw a cat on Kristin’s car.  It was very funny that the cat would not get off the car.  It was funny because Emma has never seen a cat on someone’s car.  The cat’s fur color was gray.  It also had no tail. That’s weird.

The Red Fox Community School had mindfulness with Kristin everyday inside to practice mindful eating, breathing and mindful bodies.  We do mindfulness because it improves focus, respect and discipline.

We did Yoga last week in the couch room.

Colby pushed baby Elliot (in the stroller) at outside time for fun.

Jade and Emma and Zooey walked up a tree in the woods and they were lost in the woods at outside time.  They were playing in the woods.

Nacho (Noah’s Spanish name) found a fort in the woods.

It was a sunny day when Nacho, Eden and Addis were tired of the old fort called “Old Town River”. So, they set off to find a new fort.  As they walked they decided to come up with a name for themselves (Noah, Eden and Addis).  They were to be named “Wolf Skins” and they found a new fort they named it “Pine Fort” they showed Emma, Jade and Zooey pine fort and they told them they were called “Wolf Skins”.  Emma, Jade and Zooey chose the names “Blue Eagles”.  Those are the teams of the woods.

This week we all played dodge ball.  There were two teams.  There was a boys team and there was a girls team.  Yesterday and Monday we our games.  The boys are currently undefeated. Proudly undefeated.  But the girls all gave it their best. Round of applause for both teams.  It was fun.  Jay enjoyed playing dodge ball!

On Thursday we made Sami a birthday book because Friday was Sami’s birthday. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s a secret!! We’re going to surprise her! She is turning 30! We made the book at school.


The Red Fox Community School

(Gabriel, Caleb, Phinneas, Jade, Rebecca, Zooey, Addis, Emma, Colby, Eden, Jay and Nacho (Noah))


(The words are from journal entries and closing circle comments)